How does the Lifesaving Lottery work?

The Lifesaving Lottery is run by London’s Air Ambulance Charity. It is a regular weekly draw operated every week. It costs just £1 per week for each entry into the draw and you could win a great prize of up to £1000!

After your payment to the Lifesaving Lottery, you will be entered in to the weekly draw for the chance to win:

1sT Prize

Runner up 5 x
2nd Prize

If you win the £50 prize or one of the £10 prizes, we will transfer your winnings back into your bank account and let you know by email or letter.

If you win the £1000 prize, you will be contacted by telephone, email or letter. You will also be offered a visit to the London’s Air Ambulance helipad (*Covid-19 restrictions dependent). To ensure we can contact you should you win, please keep your contact details up to date.

How It Works
Our Lifesaving Lottery draw takes place every Friday