• On 30 September 2022, on her way home from a late night at work, Sarah slipped and fell between the platform gap and the door to an underground train at High Barnet. With no one having witnessed the fall, the train departed and another one arrived. Sarah was left bleeding on the tracks, severely injured.

  • On 17 January 2022, Milana – a mother of two – accidentally fell from a great height in London. Her life took a turn that no one could prepare for.

  • Three months after moving to London and beginning her career as part of British Airway’s cabin crew, on New Year’s Eve 2019, 25-year-old Lauren was a passenger in a horrific road traffic incident. She was the sole survivor of the crash.

  • In July 2022, while walking on a pavement in Mayfair, father-of-two Zoltan was struck by an out-of-control van. He was initially crushed and pinned against a fence railing before it gave way and he fell down a 10ft ledge into a basement.

  • Former GB decathlete, Ben Gregory, was cycling home from teaching a professional coaching session in London when a car appeared in front of him, driving on the wrong side of the road.

  • In February 2015, Cristiana had been in London for one month after she’d moved to the UK from her home in Romania. On her way to work, mid-afternoon, her life changed forever.