Our team responds to, on average, five patients in London per day that are so seriously injured, they need our team’s expertise on-scene. We aim to give these patients not only the best chance of survival, but the best quality of life after serious injury.

If you would like to know more about the impact of our work, read about our patients’ journeys to hear the stories behind the statistics.


During 2021 our team attended...


Penetrating trauma  595 Patients
Road traffic collisions 389 Patients
Falls from height 379 Patients
Other 350 Patients


You can see where and how often our team were dispatched in 2021 by viewing our Mission Map.

Mission Map

Where are you now?

It's been 31 years since we started saving lives and we'd love to reconnect and hear from our former patients and their family. Join our Facebook Group London's Air Ambulance Where are you now? and share your story.

Our Patients

Read our patients’ stories to learn more about the care London’s Air Ambulance provides on-scene, and the impact that this has on our patients, their families and their recoveries.

If you have been treated by London's Air Ambulance and would like to know more about the treatment you received or have unanswered questions please visit our Patient Resources page.

Sarah de Lagarde’s story

On 30 September 2022, on her way home from a late night at work, Sarah slipped and fell between the…

Milana's story

On 17 January 2022, Milana – a mother of two – accidentally fell from a great height in London. Her…

Lauren's story

Three months after moving to London and beginning her career as part of British Airway’s cabin crew…

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Your donation today could save the life of a loved one tomorrow.